A new era for battery-powered tools

With the recent passing of the California Air Resource Board (CARB) measure to restrict new sales of landscaping equipment to be zero-emission tools, Pellenc is over 10 years ahead of the competition with a full range of battery-powered tools for the professional market.

Pellenc has spent over a decade designing and refining their range of ULiB battery packs, comprehensively testing with professional users worldwide and sharing the same core values as CARB to innovate towards a zero-emission future.

Within the report, it’s noted: “a commercial operator using one backpack leaf blower for one hour generates the same smog-forming emissions as a car driving 1100 miles. These new regulations will aim to reduce emissions of smog-forming emissions by 72 tons per day.”

Now is the time to find out more about the range of Pellenc batteries and grounds maintenance tools.

Following the successful launch at SALTEX 2009, Pellenc has quickly become the leader in professional battery-powered tools, with a range of batteries able to undertake a full working day on a single charge. Productivity was brought to a new level, while reducing vibration, noise and Co2 emissions.

Pellenc have a tried and tested knowledge and understanding of what a true professional user needs to undertake the move from petrol to battery tools. That now includes a four-year warranty on all batteries within the range which gives peace of mind and confidence in equipment lasting the testing conditions of commercial use.

For more information on the California Air Resource Board report, please visit click here.

Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Etesia UK.