Pellenc Announce Extended Warranty for Helion Hedgecutter and Battery

To celebrate its 40th Birthday, Pellenc is offering to extend the warranty for an additional year on the Helion hedge trimmer and battery purchased at the same time.

With over 10 years of experience in lithium-ion batteries, the company is seeking to strengthen their position and expertise in battery technology. Pellenc is the pioneer in environmentally-friendly battery-power tools for the landscaping, local authority and groundcare market.

This extended warranty applies to Pellenc batteries as long as the battery is purchased simultaneously with the trimmer (Pellenc Battery: ULB 400, ULB 70P, ULB 1100 and POLY5) through the UK distributor Etesia UK.

Pellenc has replaced the ‘old’ combustion engines with a brand new electrical technology. The Pellenc technology associates an electric motor and a revolutionary battery. The patented electric motors, with an unrivalled power-to-weight ratio, develop an extraordinary power output with unequalled durability.

Light, odourless, noise-free, with no starting problems and no filling the fuel tank, your old petrol chainsaw, hedge trimmer or brush cutter will seem to belong to the past. Pellenc has overtaken most of the manufacturers of tools for maintenance of parks and gardens through its Research and Development department, which is particularly efficient. This team includes more than 100 researchers and is working steadily to provide you with tomorrow’s solutions today.

The extended warranty runs until 31st July 2013.