Pellenc Launches First Professional Lawnmower

Pellenc has launched their first professional lawnmower – the Rasion which is available in push and self-propelled options and offers impeccable cutting quality for all types of mowing work undertaken by landscapers and local authorities.

Thanks to its environmentally-friendly credentials, the Rasion produces less noise than conventional petrol-powered mowers meaning users can work in noise sensitive areas at any time of day. With no fuel management or consumption, zero CO² emissions and made from recyclable materials; this is a pedestrian mower of the future.

A new high efficiency motor of 93% for reduced energy consumption, a dual blade for a finer, more precise cut optimise the mowing time. Power comes from an ULiB 1100 Pellenc battery of 2000W.

Electronic speed setting of the blades from 3000 to 5000rpm on the handle bars, a cutting width of 60cm, 70 litre grass box capacity and two front swivel wheels ensure the Rasion is ultra-manoeuvrable. Weighing less than 20kgs and folding handlebars means that transportation between sites is effortless.
As with all other Pellenc products, the Rasion uses the ultra-high capacity technology of the Pellenc lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation with quick start-up and up to one day battery life.

The Pellenc ULB battery range is designed for professional tool use. Pellenc is the only professional tool manufacturer to offer a whole range of tools that operate with ultra-high capacity multipurpose batteries.

Ideal tools for all situations where noise and emissions are not wanted, Pellenc are used by groundsmen, landscapers, arborists and contractors for grounds maintenance, or close to hospitals, cemeteries, schools and other noise sensitive areas.

All Pellenc tools now come with a comprehensive three year commercial warranty as standard.

Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

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